Saturday, August 7, 2010

Word of the week: hiatus

Hiatus, from the Latin hiare, 'to gape'. Definition in the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary: 'a break or gap, esp. in a series, account, or chain of proof.'

A break in a series of blog posts, for example. Yes, there has been a bit of a hiatus, not just because I went on holidays, but also because the holiday had an extended effect. And writing is like most things - the longer you put it off, the harder it is to start again.

However, I thought this was an auspicious time to kick it off again, because something very lucky happened to me yesterday. I mean incredibly, what-are-the-chances lucky.

I came in to uni only to discover that my printing account had been deleted. After some conversation with the IT people, I learned that they had 'changed the system over' or something, which was all fine, except three people happened to lose their printing accounts. Three people in the entire uni, and one was me.

'What are the odds eh?' said the kind lady who helped me get my account back. 'You could have won the lottery with luck like that, but you got this instead.'

Yes, thank you. Remind me not to go out in thunderstorms.


  1. Glad you're back from your hiatus and all in one piece!

  2. No you mustn't go out in thunderstorms or stand under a tree when there's lightning!!!!

    The best positive thing I can think of with this situation is that you were not alone. There were three of you. :-)

    Moving along swiftly... I hope you had a wonderful hiatus and are all refreshed and raring to go! Once you get your IT account sorted. Ahem.

    Take care

  3. Yes, all in one piece and ready to go. And IT account all sorted surprisingly easily!

    No excuses now, need to get on with my writing...