Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten words we all should hear more often:

'Could you do me a favour?...Do you eat chocolate?'

Do I.

The call to action came during my weekly volunteer shift at the Friends of the Earth cafe/bookshop.

One of the advantages of working with predominantly vegan people is that when the contents of the chocolate jars need to be tasted to determine which is chocolate-coated ginger, and which licorice (the labels were mixed up), the only person up to the challenge is yours truly.

'Mmm, yep that's licorice... no hang on, let me taste another one...'

I've found my calling.


  1. Awww you lucky lucky lucky woman!!!! Last time I volunteered was for Oxfam and I never got a stint like yours and this Oxfam had a vegetarian cafe too!! Not fair!! LOL!!

    But I so agree - those are ten words we should all hear often!

    Take care

  2. Unfortunately, all the chocolate jars are sorted now, so my dream job didn't last long.
    But if the new labels were to 'accidentally' get mixed up again...