Friday, June 25, 2010

It's been a busy few weeks. End of semester, presentations, essays all done. I passed the 15 000 word mark on my wip. Socceroos lost, drew, finally won, then were ignominiously pushed off the front pages by one Julia Gillard becoming Australia's first woman prime minister. Our security alarm (which we never use) had a fit this morning, our real estate agent had gone AWOL, so I spent an hour listening to bipbipbipbipbip waiting for her to call back with the code to shut it up.

whew. I need a holiday.

I need wide open spaces, sunshine and red country. So I'm going here for a couple of weeks:



  1. Yes!!! Aussies were most unlucky with the footie!!! But they did well and you should be very proud of them!!

    It's so weird because one of the freebie papers I get here has a special on the Northern Territories!!!!! It looks so lovely and completely isolated!

    Have a fantastic vacation!! And well done you with your writing!! YAY!!!

    Take care

  2. I need one, too! And I'm leaving tomorrow! Yay, we're going to southern Utah which looks very much like your picture there actually.

  3. Old Kitty, I guess we were expecting better things of our team after the last cup's effort! But at least we didn't end with the caning by Germany.

    KarenG - enjoy your holiday too! I haven't been to the US - yet. But hope to see some of it one day..

  4. hey welcome back - see you tomorrow night for some pizza! In the meantime, I thought you might like to drool over these writer's cottages...

    Nice, huh?

  5. Nice to "meet"/follow you. I'm here from KarenG's bbq. :) Have a great weekend, and hope you get some R&T.