Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, it's June, and winter seems to have arrived bang on time this year. Which means for students and writers, especially writing students, it's RUC time.

RUC standing for Really Ugly Cardi.

You know the type. That great big shapeless woolen thing you wear around the house because what you really want to wear is a blanket, but some dying ember of pride won't let you forgo wearing actual clothes as clothing.

I'm hunched over my desk in my RUC today, trying to do homework, wondering where the hell I've put my fingerless gloves, and dreaming of living in a home with central heating. Winter, welcome.


  1. Oh we should post pics of the jumpers we wear when it's winter and it's cold outside!!! For winter months I always, always, ALWAYS!! wear the most shapeless and whackiest jumpers that I wouldn't dare wear outside - they are usually too big and baggy and are the colours of the rainbow gone mad!!


    And don't get me started on fingerless gloves...!

    Good luck with your homework - sometimes hugging a hot water bottle wrapped in fleece (with hot water in it!!) is really nice too. :-)
    Take care

  2. I just can't process the idea of winter in June! :)

  3. Thanks for the tips, Old Kitty. Might get my hot water bottle out soon. The fingerless gloves always make me feel like a character out of Dickens, but they are so good for typing and keeping your fingers warm!

  4. hampshireflyer - the cold hard reality of a Melbourne winter is unfortunately hard to ignore!
    On the other hand, I once spent a Christmas in Sheffield and will never be convinced that Christmas in winter is a good idea!

  5. Clearly my last ember of pride has burned out. I sit at my desk wrapped in a blanket and don't get changed out of my pyjamas until I have to leave the house.

  6. This blog is an interesting experiment...