Friday, February 26, 2010

Would you believe I did this three times trying to get Lizzie Bennet? It seems there's no arguing with Miss Austen.

I am Elinor Dashwood!


  1. Oh Gawd, I'm Marianne Dashwood...all passionate and falling for the wrong guy and has a near-death experience... oh but wait!

    I end up with the ravishing Alan Rickman!! Yay!!!


    Great quiz!! Thank you!!

    take care

  2. Apparently I'm Anne Elliot! (I must admit, I went through it telling myself Marianne was the one I *didn't* want...)

    But which of them is most likely to stake zombies? :)

  3. Hi Old Kitty - Alan Rickman isn't a bad consolation! And you get to be portrayed by Kate Winslet.

    Hampshireflyer - I've always had a lot of time for Anne Elliot. For the zombies I'd pick her, Lizzie B or Elinor Dashwood. Maybe Emma, if they were disrupting her plans in any way! Never Fanny Price.