Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check it (out)

Help! I Need a Publisher!: MORE POINTS OF VIEW - SAYS WHO? SAYS I

If anyone would like to see a tiny piece of my writing get picked apart ever so helpfully by YA author and writing/publishing guru Nicola Morgan, please proceed through the above link.

I'm very grateful Nicola took the time to consider what I sent her, and recommend her blog as one of, if not the, best blog/s for aspiring writers.


  1. You sent her a sample? Courageous soul. Now I better get over there and see what's happening!

  2. Hi

    That was great advice wasn't it?!! I've learned a lot - so THANK YOU.

    Good for your for taking that brave step to have your piece critiqued by the lovely and ever so helpful Nicola!

    Take care

  3. Hello KarenG and Old Kitty!
    Brave, maybe, but if I could send her my whole WIP so far, trust me, I'd do it!

    It's always good to see specific examples of what to do, or not to do. I'll be rembering her advice as I keep going!

  4. SF, I gave your blog an award for awesomeness! Come over and pick it up!