Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank you to Old Kitty and KarenG for nominating me for these blog awards!

From Old Kitty:

I like the challenge of this - answer questions in one word only. Takes me back to my monosyllabic teenage years.

Your Mobile Phone? Dated
Your Hair? Brown
Your Mother? Educates
Your Father? Farms
Your Favorite Food? Ice-cream
Your Dream Last Night? Heatwave-induced
Your Favorite Drink? Drunk
Your Dream/Goal? Publish
What Room Are You In? Airconditioned
Your Hobby? Working
Your Fear? UV
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? 2016
Where Were You Last Night? Couch
Something That You Aren't? Telepathic
Muffins? Blueberry
Wish List Item? One?
Where Did You Grow Up? Didn't
Last Thing You Did? Tea
What Are You Wearing? Colours
Your TV? Square
Your Pets? Missed
Friends? About
Your Life? Fortunate
Your Mood? Sanguine
Missing Someone? Sometimes
Vehicle? Pushbike
Something You Aren't Wearing? Socks
Your Favorite Store? Merton
Your Favorite Colour? Greeny-bluey-purply
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Yesterday
Last Time You Cried? Pointless
Your Best Friend? Lentils
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Desk
Facebook? ...useful...
Favorite Place To Eat? Verandah

From KarenG:


Rules are to give ten honest things about myself, but I do like the ambiguity of this one if you just remove the 's'.

1. I eat too much pasta
2. I can't spell 'perseverance' (well, I couldn't before I looked it up in the dictionary).
3. I probably spend more time thinking about stuff and writing for this blog than I do on my book.
4. I still don't really believe I can write a book.
5. My bike tyres probably should have been replaced about a year ago.
6. If I don't have any caffeine in a day I get headaches - been wondering lately whether to give it up, but it helps me write.
7. Correcting grammar and punctuation makes me feel smug.
8. Channel 10 has stopped showing The Simpsons every day of the week and it's really annoyed me.
9. I've lived in the city for 12 years but still can't call it home.
10. I eavesdrop on public transport.

I don't have a heap of blogs that I follow, but these are the ones I think deserve awards, to do with what they will (they definitely deserve a look):
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  1. Hi

    I loved your answers! LOL! Greeny-bluey-purpley!

    And I like your honesty. I eat too much pasta too.

    And GOOD LUCK with your novel writing - the best writers (I've found) are those who think they're not good enough but are really, really hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.


    Take care

  2. Great answers, I enjoyed your all your responses. It's harder than it seems to a) answer in one word and b) be honest. The Simpsons aren't on every day? Let's hope Seinfeld stays on daily. Twice daily in my area. Not that I watch it daily, but if I want to, I like to know it's there for me.

  3. Old Kitty- I know, I think I cheated a bit on the colour question. And thank you for kind words of support!

    KarenG - 'I like to know it's there...' - That's exactly how I feel about The Simpsons!

  4. love all your answers especially the 'where do you see yourself in six years' one. If this is how you write, then I believe you can write a book, and I'll buy it when it comes out.

    Many thanks for mentioning my blog. Always enjoy reading yours!


  5. Very funny answers, and I'm with you with five out of ten of your honest things. It would have been six, but it's acutally my whole bike that should have been replaced about a year ago.