Sunday, January 9, 2011

100 words a day

Oh gosh, is that the time? For the last couple of months I've been thinking, 'I must do a blog post, I should just sit down and write a few words . . . oh stuff it, I'm too busy.'

Yes, between getting shingles (unpleasant), finishing my writing course, looking for work, coping with Christmas, and lying on the beach for a week, my writing has suffered a little. And as of next week I have a full-time job, which is good for the bank balance, but perhaps not so good for the novel.

So my belated new year's resolution is to write 100 words a day. It's not much, but hopefully it's achievable, and it adds up to 700 words a week, which is more than I've been doing lately! I was inspired while catching up on my blog reading after the aforementioned week on the beach - Lindsey at Dangerous with a Pen has resolved to do 100 words a day and kindly offered this button to anyone else looking to commit:

If I have time after grinding out my 100+ words a day, I'll be jumping on blogger to brag discreetly about my word count.

Happy new year everyone, hope it's a fruitful year for writing!


  1. Happy New Year to you!!!! And Merry Christmas too!! LOL!!

    I am so sorry you had shingles!! I had a bout of this in 2002 and it was just awful!! I was unable to do anything for 6 weeks!! It's an evil illness!! Boo to shingles!!

    Now you must get your immune system all up and running - no stressing!! :-) Keep having relaxing times at the beach!!! I sound like your auntie!! LOL!!

    GOOD LUCK with your goal of 100 words a day!! That's just brilliant!! And good luck with your new job!! Take care

  2. Thank you Auntie Kitty! If only I could spend more time at the beach. Thankfully the shingles are all gone. After that experience, anyone who has had them has my eternal sympathy!

  3. Oh, this is too funny! 150 words anyone?

  4. My life has been nuts too - 100 words a days should be doable - maybe. :)