Sunday, May 23, 2010

Writers - always good for a laugh

I'm really stuck on what to write - about anything -  so yes, I'm resorting to writer jokes

Question: Why did the writer cross the road?


A. To see what that person over there was doing.

B. Because there's this bit in my novel where the mc crosses the road, and I really wanted to get a feel for what that would be like for her.

C. To get a fresh perspective. There's nothing like a fresh perspective to help you see what is working or not in one's trip to the shops.

D. Did I cross the road? Oh yes - you're quite right, I did. The POV has changed from left to right side - and I didn't even notice! Thanks for pointing it out.

(Note: more than one answer may be true.)


  1. e. for a cup of tea?
    f. to follow the chicken!

    I think your reasons are all fab reasons for crossing that writerly road!
    take care

  2. I actually did use excuse B once. In my defence, I was ten or eleven at the time :)

  3. Old Kitty - g. she didn't. she woke up and it was all a dream.

    hampshireflyer - that shows a remarkable desire for authenticity for a ten or eleven year old!