Friday, May 7, 2010

Dropping the Y-bomb (Or, Yarn Bombing, what's that?)

Taking a break from writing today. Well, from writing about writing. Obviously, you know, I AM writing.


When I don't write, the other creative process I get hooked on (ha ha) is crochet - and to a lesser extent knitting. A good friend of mine recently gave me a book about Yarn Bombing, or guerrilla knitting, which involves 'tagging' public spaces with pieces of knitting or crochet. It's low-impact in terms of damage done to property, but has high visibility and 'Oh, would you look at that!' value.

As you can see above, it can be used simply to brighten things up, or be just a little bit subversive. [The 'tank cosy' is a piece by Danish artist Marianne Jorgensen]

The same friend is getting married later in the year, and has asked everyone to contribute some stitches to a yarn-bombing project for the ceremony. We'll be covering a huge river red-gum tree. I have to say it's inspired me, and I have a nice lacy number in progress. Red-gums are the grand dames of the Australian landscape, and I like to think this one won't mind being dolled for the occasion.

For more about guerrilla knitting and what's it all about, have a look at warrenbird, here or here


  1. Cool! I love the image of covering a tank with a pink patchwork quilt. I've never heard of yarn bombing before.

  2. Hi!!

    Oh WOW!! This is worth starting crochet lessons again!!!!! What a brilliant idea - I love the pink tea cosy covered tank - and there's a great one of a bus over at warrenbird's blog.


    I hope you have lots of fun dolling up that tree in something frilly for the wedding occassion.

    Love it!

    take care

  3. I don't think any man would be caught dead in that tank!

  4. KarenG - yeah, this was my favourite. Just so incongruous!

    Old Kitty - hope it inspires you! And that bus is something else, isn't it?

    Alex C - welcome! Yep, the pink knitting does detract from the macho factor.

  5. oooh, great words, and thanks for the link ;-)

  6. I suggest you read the back story of Ms Jorgenson's tank project on her website:

    It was a protest against Danish involvement in the Iraq war.