Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bums on Seats

It really is (are? My grammar's failing me here) the simple things in life that make it. Fresh stove-top espresso, a grim-looking day outside, and slipping my feet into my moccasins for the first time since last winter. Bliss!

We've had a fairly sultry, tropical start to Autumn this year, but it's finally starting to crisp up. And while it's nice to have an extended summer, I like my seasons, and I like them to be seasonal.

Anyway, got my copy of the Victorian Writers Centre magazine today, and among many interesting snippets were the results of this survey ('More than bums on seats: Australian participation in the arts'). Apparently 7% of Australians are writing a novel or short stories. That's 1.4 million of us! That's a lot, and while it puts my efforts into perspective, I found it kind of encouraging. I'm not the only one giving it a go!

Also good to see they've announced another Emerging Writers competition, for Vic residents only though, details here.

So many reasons to put my bum on my seat and get on with it!


  1. Hi

    Oh I'll have to read the full pdf report at home. My work pooter near enough keeled over and died when I tried to open the full report! but brilliant news about the growing interest in the arts!

    So glad you did the maths tho...

    GOOD LUCK with the competition!!

    p.s. it's officially summer time clock wise and it's wet, windy, cold and snowing in parts of the UK! LOL!

    Take care

  2. Cool weather and approaching winter ALWAYS makes me want to put my bum in seat and start writing. Or reading. Or knitting.

  3. Old Kitty - I'm impressed you actually tried to download the full report! Thanks for the encouragement with the competition. I'm obsessively tinkering with a short story for it even though the closing date is months away!

    Glad you're enjoying the start of 'summer' over there!

  4. Hello KarenG!
    I'm writing and knitting at the moment (though not simultaneously) and eyeing off some crochet patterns!