Sunday, November 15, 2009

Handy Hints

A helpful post on the blog Strictly Writing about what to look for when editing your own work: 'Writing is Easy'.

Well, most things seem easy when you make a list, but I like the optimistic title.


  1. At Nova Cinemas a couple Mondays ago and who should I see but the very same (or at least identical) blue teapot, as pictured reclining at home on the kitchen table, being carried in to see a film. So do teapots who moonlight as writers gain their creative inspiration from the cinema? And how many writers are teapots anyway?? Or is it that writers these days are using teapots to store their ideas in rather than the ho-hum moleskin?

  2. I think you'll find there are more writers that moonlight as teapots than the other way round. It's a much less demanding role, and with many stylish tea cosies around these days, it's easy to keep warm and fashionable when venturing out to the cinema or other extra-house pursuits.