Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reverse procrastination

Something wonderful happened yesterday. I sat down to write a blog post, and couldn't think of what to write so I ended up procrastinating by writing a page of my novel.

Ridiculous, I know, but a tactic to consider in future!

Meanwhile, I saw an ad in the paper this morning for 'The 7 minute work day' ebook, which got me thinking. The idea of getting all my work done in 7 minutes a day seemed a stretch. I'm all for efficiency, but when it takes 5 minutes just for my computer to boot up. . . and then I have to check my email, surf the procrastinet, and by then it's morning tea time.

7 minutes? What secret am I missing?

As it turns out, when I looked up the website, the 'work' in work day involves dodgy share trading of aussie dollars guaranteed to make you rich by working just 7 minutes a day (don't ask me why it's dodgy, but NOTHING could be that easy).

So no tips on how to speed type, hyper-multi-task, or mind map your way to an instant novel. Unfortunately. Once again, it looks like the only way is the hard way.
Has anyone ever found any shortcuts that work?


  1. Short cuts?!!?? Short cuts?!?! Erm... no! LOL!!!!

    I may however have many many tips on how to avoid all that hard work and they mainly involves chocolate. And maybe some knitting! :-)

    Take care

  2. That was misleading!
    I still looking for a time machine...

  3. Old Kitty - thanks for those tips...I was running low on avoidance techniques...not!

    Alex - time machine! But to go forwards or backwards??

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