Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some good news in the world of books

There's been a bit in the news recently about the viability of books, publishing and book stores - mostly due to the recent bankruptcy of Borders and Angus & Robertson.

But here's some good news! Research commissioned by American journal McSweeney's shows that in the US anyway, book sales are still healthy - significantly up from 20 years ago - the book isn't dead or even on it's way out, and (my favourite stat) 68% of Americans had a library card in 2009.

Check out all the good news at

Not sure if all this applies to Australia, but hey, it's nice to hear something positive about the state of books. I was beginning to wonder if there would even be a market left if I ever did finish my manuscript.


  1. Phew!! Thank goodness for some hopeful news!!! Thank you SF!!!

    I am a perennial optimist when it comes to the written word and will always think that the future of books (in whatever form!!) will always be bright and secure!!! I refuse to believe that people will stop buying books (again in whatever form!!) because if we do then we might as well just wait for the next big bang and start civilization all over again!

    And I for one will be part of your market when you get all published!! But please have it in print form cos I cannot (or refuse to!!) get to grips with anything kindle or e-published! LOL! Take care

  2. That is good news! I don't follow all of the negativity - too depressing - good to hear there's some good after all :)

  3. Old Kitty - thanks! If I have anything to do with it, there will most definitely be paper involved in any book I get published..

    Alex and Jemi - Very glad to have spread some good news!

  4. Aaw, how refreshing to hear some positivity in regard to publishing and books! Happy face :)