Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tomorrow, when I start my essay

Yesterday, I went and saw the new film version of Tomorrow, When the War Began. Yes, I have an essay on symbolism in Robert Drewe's The Drowner due in two days, but TWTWB is an Australian YA classic, and I wanted to see how they'd gone making a film of it.

It was ok I suppose. They've axed a couple of sub plots, and Ellie was too pretty and didn't look tough enough, but overall it stayed true to the book. The funny thing is, in one scene, one of the girls is reading a copy of My Brilliant Career. Ellie, the heroine, comes over and asks her how the book is, and the other girl replies, 'It's not bad--better than the film.'
'Yeah, books always are,' says Ellie.

A nice ironic touch there? I guess the producers knew what they were risking, taking on a favourite of Australian teens since 1993, so they got that in early, but it sounds self-defensive to me. If your audience really is sitting there thinking, 'this isn't as good as the book,' why underline it for them? Why not just get on with the movie. 
A bit strange, but I still enjoyed the movie, even if, um, it wasn't as good as the book.


  1. I've heard a lot about this book and movie recently - going to have to check it out! :)

  2. I've not heard of the book or the film so slap me silly and call me Barbara!! Oh dear!!

    I like the self-referential bit of it though - it sounded like it was totally unnecessary but the cheeky scriptwriters decided to defend themselves - maybe whoever wrote the script had it so pared down by the producers that this line was snuck in deliberately - a sort of "up yours people who control the money"??

    Oooooh intrigue!!!

    Good luck with your essay - sounds ever so DEEP!

    Take care

  3. Jemi - definitely worth checking out the book, especially if YA is your thing. A generation of Australians have grown up with it so it must have something right.

    Old Kitty - I think you're right with the intrigue! Makes me wonder what goes on behind the scenes in cases like this. As for the essay, Deep? I'm drowning! Adrift in a sea of symbolism...

  4. Hey SF,
    Well, I'm kinda of another era and I haven't heard of the book but I live in a mushroom cave anyway. I'm rather like the groundhog and if I see my shadow when I come out, I'm back in for another "who knows how long."

    I enjoy your posts and great success with your essay.

  5. I haven't heard of the book either, but I've got it on my list now. Thanks for the suggestion. :)